Madie for you

Madeleines (also known in France as small cakes) were created in the 1700s in the Lorraine region of France. Legend says that the Duke of Lorraine was having King Louis XV to dine with him and his kitchen staff was gone! Madeleine, a kitchen maid, only knew how to bake one recipe and that came from her grandmother, she baked the mini shelled cakes. King Louis XV was charmed by the little cakes and named them 'Madeleines'. He soon introduced the madeleines to his wife, Marie Antoinette, who we all know loved cake! Shortly after, madeleines were a hit in France and the rest is history!

Now we are bringing the neglected mini cake back to life, with a twist! All organic and made small batch for quality, we are 100% dedicated to the Madeleine baked the classic French way! You can taste new flavors on the 1st Monday of every month...we call it Madie Monday!


Chef Cecile Noelle

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